About Us (Meet the artist)

Dreaux LLC dba Dreaux Fine Art is an online art gallery based out of Weaverville California. Dreaux Fine Art is owned and operated by artist Cameron Dreaux

HI, I'm Cameron Dreaux

Before moving to Northern California in 2020, I spent my life in the heart of Alabama. My dad was into photography when I was a kid. He would take his 35mm camera everywhere. I soon followed suit. Photography for me, at that time, was just a process of documenting my life; making sure memories weren’t lost to time. 

In 2016, this all changed when I started to explore the artistic side of photography. It was then, that I found an obsession with flower and landscape photography.

 I continued to work to find a style that was uniquely my own. I like to explore the contrast between focus and blur, movement and stillness, light and dark. My biggest objective is trying to convey how a flower or scene makes me feel. My ultimate goal as an artist is to help you feel that too.

I would love to speak with you. Please contact me below or email me at cameron@dreaux.com

Contact Me

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